Mulchers for Excavator

Name: Mulchers for Excavator
Models: FM400H, FM500H FM600H
Can be used for: Mulching, Forestry
Can be attached to: Excavator
 FM400H Spec Sheet

 FM500H Spec Sheet

 FM600H Spec Sheet
  • All AHWI mulchers use narrow tools which give more aggressive cutting in hard timber and fibrous timbers including pine. 
  • AHWI Excavator mulchers have the hydraulic motor mounted to the top shaft with a flexible coupling.  The flexible coupling is mounted to the keyed motor shaft using a taper lock.  Pulleys are mounted to keyed shafts using taperlocks. 
  • Belts are all ribbed v-belts with no teeth.  Rotor shafts are keyed with taperlocks and do not run a spline. 
  • Rotor bearings are sealed and a bolt is removed to grease the bearings which need to be done once a week. 
  • Hydraulic motors are VOAC or Parker bent axis hydraulic motor.  This is generally larger than what our opposition offer giving us more torque and the motor is less prone to lugging. 
  • Overrunning relief valve and pressure relief valve is incorporated in protection block between hydraulic motor and hoses. 
  • Flap door is run through an electric valve supplied with oil through the protection block.  Flap door only requires a wire and 3 position switch on installation. 
  • No expensive priority valves are required to install and run the AHWI Mulcher. 
  • Hitch plate and flap door all internally plumbed is supplied in price.
  •  Tool replacement is relatively nonexpensive. 
  • Machine is the most efficient and cost effective. 
  • I have attached a German product overview.  The machine is different to what is shown by the following. 
  • Covers are supplied for both sides of the housing at the top. 
  • The tools are supported behind on a tool rest which fully supports the tool.  The original method as shown resulted in a few tools with broken bolts.

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